Bakhmut long  23” Gerdan  black with white

Bakhmut long 23” Gerdan black with white

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In Ukraine, necklaces were not just adornments but also carried deep symbolic significance. The most widespread types are Gerdan’s . Bakhmut Creative Workshop "Oberih" supports craftspeople from Bakhmut and co-ordinates projects to safeguard and promote traditional Ukrainian arts, crafts and cultural heritage in eastern Ukraine. After Bakhmut was destroyed by Russia, the artisans became displaced throughout Ukraine, but they continue their work and activism. Crafts made by the Workshop include traditional Ukrainian dolls Motanky, beaded necklaces, tote bags and aprons.

 The folk craftsman that made this beautiful long beaded necklace is Roman Zub  from  Bakhmut Studio Workshop.

21" L x 3" W